Promote Your Company Where It’s Sure to be Seen—Front and Center

Give your clients and employees a gift they’ll really use—The NYC Venue Guide!. To sign up now, click here.

To sign up now, click here.

Why Buy a Custom Cover?
There are many benefits to this investment!

  • Advance your branding efforts and improve your corporate image
  • Utilize the books as a gift to staff members and clientele
  • Give a present that clients and employees will use time and time again
  • Boost your own event planning effort with exclusive information at your fingertips
  • Leverage guide-giving as a marketing initiative
  • Align your business with other upscale venues

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Give Clients and Employees Elite Access to the City’s Finest Venues

This handbook is a great gift for clients and employees who want to discover the best event spaces that New York City has to offer. Corporate event planners, sales executives and decision-makers rely on the guide to book fashion shows, launch parties, celebrity affairs and other corporate events—and now you can give this exclusive access to the people you value most!

No matter who gets the book, they’ll enjoy a gift that they’ll be able to use time and time again! You can also use the book to amplify your sales and set up your own corporate events. However you utilize the handbook, your branding efforts will get revved up and your image will get a huge boost. You’ll align your own publicity efforts with 100+ of New York City’s finest event spaces, restaurants and lounges featured in the guide. What could be better?

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