Mailing List, Reports and Email Campaigns
Everybody needs a hotlist. We’ve got the one you’re after.

Getting access to New York City’s Fortune 1000 decision-makers, executives and event planners with big budgets is key to promoting your venue, filling your event calendar and boosting sales. In the city that never sleeps it is imperative to distinguish yourself from all the rest. We'll help you do just that!

Do you have the right connections to land these upscale bookings? We do.

By popular request, we are making our highly sought after mailing list available to you in small quantities. Receive the exclusive information compiled from the people who know New York City’s elite decision-makers and executive’s best!

When you buy the list, you can:

  • Establish your own in-house database of event planners instead of outsourcing.

  • Save time and money with contacts available at your fingertips.

  • Get instant sales results.

  • Maintain your business reach throughout New York City.

  • Garner positive media attention and relay a favorable corporate image.

  • Cultivate relationship with today’s top event planners and decision-makers.

  • Fill up your corporate calendar with happenings.

  • Host one-of-a-kind business affairs for groups of all sizes.

  • Brand your venue.

Simply use the contacts to promote yourself to each event planner. Now you will be able to differentiate yourself and leave a lasting impression with desired event planners. Once your name is before the right eyes, you’ll be the venue they call to book their next soiree.

And you can get in touch with these professionals anyway you want—your list comes available in print or electronically for easy access. Each listing includes the full contact information for New York City’s finest event planners, executives and decision-makers including their company, full name, title, address and phone numbers.

Don’t delay—order now and we’ll add 25 contacts to your list! To find out how you can purchase a list, call us at212.254.3700!

To purchase a direct list click here


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