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"Hi my name is Daniel Koffler from the Broadstreet Ballroom.  My two cents on EMRG and their venue guide is a positive one.  I was skeptical at first to sign on with a book that I thought was lesser known than some of the bigger ones but I went for it anyway.  It has been less than a month since the book has come out and I have so far gotten more than one realistic contact from people.  So I think that I’m certainly due to recoup my investment in a short time.  Further more the book looks great!  They did a great job production wise they didn’t hassle me and they took some pictures and made it look nice, which was exactly what I wanted from a production company.  I am pleased and I think you will be too."
Daniel Koffler
Broad Street Ballroom

Broadstreet Ballroom

"1 page for ARENA, 7 events booked,
what more to say?"
Anthony Coppers
Exclusive event coordinator - Arena
Principal - ACC&E, Inc.

Broadstreet Ballroom

"I have been advertising with EMRG Media for two years and have found it to be extremely successful.  Not only is the advertising very reasonably priced, the attention and follow up is exceptional.  EMRG Media often calls me with prospective events and I have successfully booked many of them during the past two years.  The cost of advertising pays for itself with the amount of booked parties I receive."

Tracie Simon
Director of Sales and Special Event
Union Square Ballroom

Broadstreet Ballroom

"The NYC Venue Guide is fabulous!!  It’s truly a pleasure working with EMRG Media and I can honestly say it’s been the most effective marketing and event tool for Mantra 986.  I have received countless bookings and EMRG Media has placed numerous events at Mantra 986 over the last two years.  Their team is very accommodating, easy to deal with, detail oriented and really have enabled."

Jordana Maurer
Director of Events
Mantra 986

Broadstreet Ballroom

“ EMRG  Media and The NYC Venue Guide has helped us attract numerous clients, and as a result, we have hosted a great number of exclusive events. With the help of the venue guide, we have achieved valuable business exposure in the competitive New York City event market”

Melissa Mufferi
Event Coordinator
The Grand

Broadstreet Ballroom

“ The NYC Venue Guide is a great resource to attract dinner parties, private parties, engagement parties and corporate events.  The online component attracts more awareness to our highly sought after restaurant.  Additionally, EMRG Media and their team of event planners have hand delivered events to us including the New York Weill Cornell Medical Holiday Party, Chicago Investment Group’s corporate event as well as numerous client dinners, and VIP clientele.  I definitely recommend the NYC Venue Guide and EMRG Media.”

Joseph Ragones
VP Operations
Philippe Chow Restaurant Group

Broadstreet Ballroom

"Working with Erica Maurer from EMRG Media has been very easy and has helped my
business grow considerably. She is very dedicated and always gives you
more than you expect."

Patrice Bihina-Parade
Boucarou Restaurant/Lounge

Broadstreet Ballroom

Chicago Investment Group (CIG)

Thank you again for handling our company’s annual holiday party.  For the third consecutive year we had a truly memorable party with phenomenal food and the hands on care that you always provide.
I take pride in the business relationship that we have developed over the years and give EMRG referrals whenever the opportunity presents itself.  It is refreshing to know that if I have a company event or a simple corporate dinner I can make one phone call and be comfortable that our reservation will be booked at any one of the top spaces in the city knowing myself and my clients will be received with a warm greeting and that extra special service that one can only expect when dealing with your group.

All the best in 2008!

Golan Jason Lewkowicz
Managing Partner

Publicis USA

WOW! You're amazing. Thanks so much!

Senior Vice President
Executive Director Corporate Communications
Publicis USA


The Glazier Group

Erica Maurer was a delight to work with on the Girls and Boys Town Fundraiser here at Bridgewaters in November.  From the silent auction to the entertainment and audio visual needs, Erica seamlessly orchestrated all the event details, enabling her client to focus on the important aspects of her event – greeting guests, spending time with the honorees and ensuring the success of their fundraising efforts.  It is always a delight working with Erica, as she and the EMRG Media staff handle every event, no matter how big or small, with the utmost professionalism and resourcefulness. 

Chrissann E. Gasparro
Sales Manager

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